5 Unique Places to Visit in The Winter Season

Most people aren’t very fond of travelling in the winter season. They tend to prefer spring or summers for their holidays. There are still some destinations that are at their best during the winter season and they are visited by many people from all over the world. Below are some of the best places that you can go to and create beautiful memories in the winter season.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Now this is the best place to go to if you are looking for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. This little town is situated on an island surrounded by Lake Bled housing several stunning building and providing their visitors with jaw-dropping view of the Julian Alps. It has a church that is famous for a having 99 steps leading to it, creating a myth of a good marriage if the groom carries the bride up the stars. Whether you would want to try that is up to you.

Kirkjufell, Iceland

If you believe in fairy tales and are looking for an experience that will take you out of this world, then fear not. This is the place for you to go. With a mountain being the main attraction, its unusual shape gets the most draw. Its breath-taking beauty is inspiring to look at in spring, but once winter rolls around, it becomes a place of heavenly grace. There is a picturesque town nearby called Grundarfjorour with a population of just 900 people. So, you can settle in, relax and be a witness to the beauty on earth.

Kyoto, Japan

Now a lot of people would ask why Japan? And the simple answer is Kyoto. With its beautiful shrines and temples showing the spiritual side of the city you can also see the vast area of ornamental gardens covered in sparkling snow. With Japan being a country that is the friendliest to visitors you can find excellent accommodation. If you plan your vacation just right you can attend the snow festival: Sapporo snow Festival which brings people together in making ice sculptures. What not to like!

Hunza Valley, Pakistan

Yes, Pakistan. Hunza Valley is located in the north of Pakistan and is one of the most popular tourist spots for both local and international tourists. Titled as “Paradise on Earth” it has everything from amazing local delicacies to the most humble and loving people in the world. With Karimabad being the main town, all tourists can stay there and partake in trekking, sightseeing and just taking in the visual beauty in.

Svalbard, Norway

This is a little mining town on the north of Norway, with most of the area being uninhibited by people is the main attraction. The northern lights are the main attraction for this little town. Due to its positioning, this small-town experience’s something called “Polar Night” from mid-November to January where the sun never rises. It is the perfect time to witness the aurora borealis. This is a once in a lifetime vacation you should not miss.  

So, these are the 5 best winter destinations where you will get your money’s worth. Try them and have an experience of a life-time. Go with family, partner or friends but make this vacation the best you can ever have because that is what you deserve. 

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